Prozak for Lovers

Two volumes of hard rock classics dressed up in bossa nova clothes. Yeah, I thought it was funny too. Unexpectedly, Lithium made it into the film MARLEY AND ME, and Oliver Stone used Psycho Killer in his film SAVAGES. A good time was had by all.

Another PfL cut, Proud Mary, has appeared in compilations originating in France, Germany, Australia, Turkey, and the Philippines.

Prozak for Lovers is making friends all over eclipse casino bonus codes the world!

Wonderland Diner

My friend, Kirk Lucas, invited me to join his band. He's written some truly great songs, and this country band (yes, there is pedal steel guitar in there) knows how to play them. I add some quirk to the mix. The album is DANDELION. I love this album. I love this band.

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