Bruce Lash


Bruce Lash spent his formative years listening to British Invasion pop music while studying piano and playing guitar. In 1970, he was particularly struck by Paul McCartney's first solo album, a home DYI project in which Mr. McCartney played and sang all of the parts himself, and Bruce decided that this may be a good direction for him to pursue as well. He was similarly inspired by Nick Drake who, after a couple of live performances, decided to leave the stage to concentrate on studio recordings.

Many years passed.

Bruce found himself happily employed at a prominent commercial post production house in Chicago, mixing TV and radio commercials. Encouraged by his employers, he worked on recordings of his own music during his off hours, playing and singing each part himself, much as Mr. McCartney had done in the early '70s.

Most of this was solitary work. He did, however, make some music with friends, including producer Scott Greiner with whom he recorded a variety of strange covers songs and originals. With Ken Zawacki, he started the pychedelic pop duo, the Virgineers, and recorded a critically acclaimed CD. With singer Maura Corey, he created Prozak for Lovers.

In more recent years, his music has found its way to motion pictures. In 2008, his song All the Way appeared in the Vodka Martini Productions release of Hell's Gate.

On Christmas Day, 2008, Bruce's Prozak for Lovers II version of the Kurt Cobain penned Lithium was featured in the 20th Century Fox release Marley & Me, starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

Bruce's latest recordings are those that he made for the RPM Challenge, including 2009's Indignities of the Age and 2010's Annabel Waiting.

NEWS!-- Look for Psycho Killer, from Prozak for Lovers II, in Oliver Stone's new film Savages, opening July 6th, 2012 in the US.